This page contains a list of theses (dissertations and master theses) which are related to the Insieme project.


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On Simplifying and Optimizing Programs for Heterogeneous Computing Systems

Ivan Grasso, 2017

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Analysis, Modeling and Optimization of Execution Time and Energy for Parallel Programs

Philipp Gschwandtner, 2017

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Analysis and Optimization of Parallel Programs under the Insieme Compiler and Runtime System

Klaus Kofler, 2017

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Insieme - A Compiler Infrastructure for Parallel Programs

Herbert Jordan, 2014

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Insieme-RS: A Compiler-supported Parallel Runtime System

Peter Thoman, 2013

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On Simplifying and Optimizing Message Passing Programs: A Compiler Runtime-Based Approach

Simone Pellegrini, 2013

Master Theses

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High-Level C++ for Accelerator Clusters

Philip Salzmann, 2019

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Topology Aware Data Organisation for Large Scale Simulations

Markus Walzthöni, 2017

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Insieme's Haskell-based Analysis Toolkit - Putting a HAT on Insieme

Alex Hirsch, 2017

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Survey and Performance Evaluation of Parallel Codes

Sandro Kofler, 2015

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The Insieme Compiler Frontend: A Clang-based C/C++ Frontend

Bernhard Höckner, 2014

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Insieme Frontend Extensions: Plugin System and User Interface

Stefan Moosbrugger, 2014